Remove Unused XBRL Concepts

As you update documents over time, you may have items used in a previous version or filing that will not be used in your document again. In the case of XBRL concepts, you can remove unused concepts with the XBRL Bulk Unused Concept Removal tool. This tool will remove unused concepts from the XBRL Outline, but tags will not be removed from the document if located in hidden cells. Bulk removal can be used if the XBRL is in draft mode.

Finding Unused Concepts

With XBRL on, navigate to the outline and choose XBRL Bulk Unused Concept Removal from the options at the top of the panel to begin the search for unused concepts.

For the Axis and Domains to be removed with the Bulk Removal, they need to be deleted from the Axis defaults list first.

image alt text

Selecting Facts to Remove

After the search is finished, a window will appear displaying all unused concepts in your document. You can select which facts to remove by checking the box next to the fact. Once you’ve selected all the facts you’d like to remove, click Remove. The search and removal processes may take several minutes depending on the number of concepts being removed and the document size.

image alt text

Once the selected concepts have been removed, a prompt will appear displaying the number of removed concepts. If you need to undo this removal, you can do so if you have not shared XBRL after the removal. Turn XBRL off for your document and discard your draft.