Managing Calculation Relationships

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You can easily manage all aspects of calculation relationships directly in the XBRL outline.

NOTE: When you import an existing XBRL outline, calculation relationships are included.

Building a Calculation Relationship

When building a calculation relationship, add the total concept first, then nest all contributors under it.

To build a calculation:

  1. Open the document, click Show XBRL, and select an XBRL profile if one is not already selected.

  2. Turn off Auto Add to Outline in the XBRL Outline panel.

  3. Select the calculation section of the outline where you want to build the calculation.

  4. Click the fact in the document that belongs to the calculation you want to add.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure your contributor concepts have the same period type as the total. They should be all Instant period types or all Duration period types.

  5. In the Fact Details, select Add to Outline from the drop-down next to the concept.

  6. Select the newly added concept in the Calculation outline section and repeat these steps to add all the contributors to the calculation.

    Build a calculation in the XBRL outline

Setting the Calculation Weight

You need to manually set the calculation weight for each contributor when the total doesn't have a balance type. Calculations without balance types include increase (decrease) concepts for monetary item types, percentages, and shares.

The calculation weight is automatically set for calculations when the calculation total has a balance type.

The calculation weight for each contributor is either positive (+) or negative (-) in the calculation total.

  • Use a positive (+) calculation weight when adding a contributor to the total.

  • Use a negative (-) calculation weight when subtracting a contributor from the total.

To find the correct calculation weight for each contributor, you can use predefined calculation relationships in the taxonomy as a guide. For monetary concepts, use the balance type of the contributor to find the correct calculation weight for each calculation relationship contributor.

To manually set the calculation weight:

  1. Right-click a contributor in the calculation.

  2. Select either Make Positive or Make Negative.

NOTE: The options are disabled when the total has a balance type.

Removing a Relationship

To remove a contributor or a calculation relationship:

  • To remove a contributor, right-click on the contributor in the calculation relationship and select Remove. This removes the contributor from the calculation relationship but does not remove it from the presentation in your XBRL outline. Remove the concept from the XBRL outline, if appropriate.

  • To remove a calculation relationship, right-click the concept for the calculation total and select Remove. This removes the entire calculation.