Tagging Facts

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After your Wdesk document is set up and linked, you can tag facts with the appropriate XBRL concept and date.

Make sure you:

Applying Concepts and Dates

Tagging a fact requires both a concept and a date, at a minimum.

To apply a concept or a date to a fact:

Open the document, click the XBRL tab, and make sure Show XBRL is on.
Choose an XBRL profile if one is not already applied.
Click the XBRL Outline tab and enable Auto-Add to Outline if you want to automatically add concepts to the XBRL outline. You’ll be asked to either add the concept to a current XBRL outline section in your document or create a new one.
Select the cell or text you want for the fact. To tag more than one fact at a time, select multiple cells.
Click Add Fact on the XBRL toolbar or from the right-click menu.
Choose a concept:
  • If the concept is already in the XBRL outline, drag it from the XBRL outline to the Add Concept field in the Fact Details panel.
  • If selecting a new concept from the taxonomy, click Add Concept in the Fact Details panel. Then find and Apply the concept.

    Select an XBRL concept in Wdesk

    • Search lets you enter keywords to find concepts in the taxonomy.
    • Browse lists concepts in the taxonomy.
    • Bookmarks lists concepts you previously saved.
    • Extensions lists custom concepts you created.
Click Add Date from the Fact Details panel to search for and Apply a date from either the Fiscal or Special Dates tabs:
  • Select a current Fiscal date or click Update Fiscal Calendar to make changes and select a new date.
  • Select a Special date or add a new date and click Create.

Replacing Concepts or Dates

To replace a concept or a date:

Select the fact or multiple facts.
Go to the Fact Details panel:
  • Replace a concept by clicking the current Concept and select Replace. Then choose a new concept and click Apply.

    Replace a concept

  • Replace a date by double-clicking the Date. Then choose and Apply the new date.