Copying and Pasting XBRL within a Document

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Copy and paste XBRL details from one fact to another within the same document. When pasting, you can choose which XBRL details to paste (concept, dimensions, dates, etc.) or leave the defaults and paste all of them.

Copying and Pasting XBRL

When copying and pasting, make sure to select the correct facts because you cannot undo this action.

To copy and paste XBRL within a document:

Select the fact that has the XBRL you want to copy.
Click the Copy Fact icon at the top of the Fact Details panel.
Select the value where you want to paste the XBRL and click Add Fact on the XBRL toolbar if you have not already created the fact for the value.
Click the Paste Fact icon at the top of the Fact Details panel and select Paste Fact.
Select or clear the options and click Paste. Select an XBRL concept in Wdesk