Migrating to a New Taxonomy

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Migrating to a new taxonomy copies the existing XBRL profile using the old taxonomy into a new XBRL profile using the new taxonomy and applies the new profile to the document. The old XBRL profile remains in your account, so you can go back to it any time.

Migrating to a New Taxonomy

To migrate an XBRL profile from an old taxonomy to a new taxonomy:

Open the document, click the XBRL tab, and make sure Show XBRL is on.
Select the correct XBRL profile for the taxonomy you want to migrate.

Select the XBRL profile for your document

Click the dropdown for the selected profile and select Migrate.

Migrate the current profile

Select the new taxonomy you want to migrate to and click Migrate. The current profile is copied into a new profile and migrated to the new taxonomy. Wdesk automatically applies the new profile to the document and archives the old profile.

Select the new taxonomy

Rename the new profile and select the correct period when the Manage XBRL Profiles dialog box opens after the migration is complete.

Select the new taxonomy

Click View Log in the Migration Completed message in the lower right to see a summary of all the changes and actions you need to take to complete the migration. For example, there might be deprecated concepts to resolve or extensions that need some changes.