Rolling Forward XBRL Dates

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When using the same documents in multiple filings throughout the year, you need to roll forward XBRL fiscal dates to match the current reporting period for each filing. The next generation of Wdesk changes the way you roll forward XBRL fiscal dates. Now, you go to the XBRL Profile for the document and simply select the new year, or period, or both. This automatically updates the fiscal dates for all facts in the document.

Example of Rolling Forward XBRL Dates

The following example shows four XBRL fiscal dates, each tagged with a different date type. When you change the period from Q3 to Q4 in the XBRL profile's fiscal calendar, the XBRL fiscal dates that need to change automatically update to the newly selected period.

Overview of rolling forward XBRL fiscal dates

Rolling Forward XBRL Fiscal Dates

To roll forward XBRL fiscal dates:

Open the document, click the XBRL tab, and make sure Show XBRL is on.
Choose an XBRL profile if one is not already applied.
Click the pencil icon next to the profile you want to change in the XBRL Profile Manager.
Make the necessary date changes and click Save Changes.
Click Apply to finish.

Rolling forward XBRL fiscal

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