Using XBRL Blacklines

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Use XBRL Blacklines to compare changes between two generations of XBRL documents.

Creating an XBRL Blackline

To compare one XBRL generation with another, create an XBRL blackline. XBRL blacklines are created in a separate file that are not stored in Wdesk.

To create an XBRL blackline:

Open the XBRL Generation History panel on the right. XBRL Generation History panel
Select the generation you want to compare with another.
Click the drop-down menu and select Create XBRL Blackline.
Select the older generation and click Add to Blackline from it’s drop-down menu or upload a file you want to use for comparison.
Click Create XBRL Blackline. Wdesk generates the blackline and downloads the file.
Click the file to open it in your browser. Create an XBRL blackline

Understanding Blackline Changes

XBRL blackline shows what is new in green and what is changed in red, similar to track changes. However, blacklines changes do not indicate the user who made the changes.