Level 1 - 4 Tag Appearance

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For facts tagged with US GAAP taxonomies, Wdesk adds a light green border or shading that help identify tagging levels 1 - 4 when reviewing the document.

Tip: If the border or shading doesn’t match the tagging level, check the concept. If it is an extension, make sure it is the correct type (such as concept, text block, table, or another option).

Level 1 Borders

Level 1 text block facts begin and end with a page-width green border.

Level 1 borders

Level 2 Paragraph Shading

Level 2 accounting policy text blocks have shading on all text included in the fact.

Level 2 paragraph shading

Level 3 Table Border

Level 3 table text blocks have a border around everything included in the level 3 table text block. The following image shows the table and its introductory sentence within the level 3 table text block border.

Level 3 table border

Level 4 Detail Shading

Level 4 line item details have shading on the cell or linked value.

Level 3 table border