Opening the SEC Viewer

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Review XBRL facts in the SEC Viewer before live filing to make sure the XBRL in your document meets SEC rules and guidelines.

About the SEC Viewer

The SEC Viewer shows XBRL in a human-readable format. It is helpful when reviewing the underlying XBRL, but will not mirror the presentation of the htm document due to limitations and restrictions.

For more information on how the SEC Viewer works refer to the Presentation and Rendering section on the SEC’s FAQ page or to the EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume II, Chapter 6. The Rendering Interactive Data section is 6.24 (6.24.1 - 6.24.22) in the EDGAR Filer Manual.

XBRL Appearance in the SEC Viewer

The EDGAR HTML copy of your filing is the version that appears in a web page or on a printed copy. The SEC Viewer displays XBRL information based on its interpretation of the XBRL filing in the EDGAR HTML.

In general, you should avoid making presentation-related XBRL changes. However, you may decide to make one or more of the following changes to a filing document after reviewing it in the SEC Viewer:

  • Update preferred labels to match the line item description in the document as much as possible.

  • Update concepts in the XBRL outline to follow the same order and flow as the document.

  • Add Roll Forward Abstract and Period Start/Period End label roles to show a roll forward or a reconciliation of account balances in one column rather than three.

  • Update the order of the XBRL outline sections to follow the same order as the notes shown in the document.

Open XBRL Documents in the SEC Viewer

To view your filing in the SEC Viewer:

Generate XBRL for the document.
In the XBRL Generation History panel, go to SEC Viewer for the generation you want to view and click the Preview button. You can also download a copy to view it separately. SEC previewer

The SEC Viewer opens in a separate tab where you can review the facts in your document.