Reviewing Fact Properties

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Use the Review Facts as menu options (also known as Review Display) to show a specific property for XBRL facts, such as the accuracy instead of the original value.

Fact Property Options

There are several options to use to make it easy to spot check XBRL facts during review.

For example, you can select to display the period type instead of the normal values. The fact property appears in place of the original fact value in the document to streamline review.

Review Facts as include:

  • Accuracy shows the decimal accuracy for the XBRL fact.

  • Balance shows whether the fact has a Debit (D), Credit (C), or no balance type (-).

  • Date/Date Range shows the date/date range ID applied to the concept.

  • Reversed shows whether the XBRL fact value sign is reversed. Cells that do not have a reversed fact appear blank.

  • Balance & Reversed shows the concept balance type and whether the fact value sign is reversed.

  • Period Type shows whether the concept is using a Duration or an Instant date.

  • Unit shows the unit applied to the XBRL fact, such as USD for the United States Dollar.

  • Value shows the value of the XBRL fact. Value takes into account both number rounding and scaling.

    Choosing a fact property to review

Choosing a Fact Property to Review

The Review Facts as options are off by default. Use the Review Facts as menu to choose a fact property that you want to review.

  1. Open the document and make sure Show XBRL is on.

  2. Choose an XBRL profile if one is not already applied.

  3. Click the Review Facts as dropdown on the XBRL tab and select a fact property to review:

    Review Facts as dropdown

Turning Off the Review

To return fact values back to normal, click the Review Facts as dropdown menu and select Off. Now, all facts show their original values.