Generating XBRL

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Generate XBRL to validate XBRL in your document, create reports, and create a revision for XBRL Blacklines.

Generating XBRL

It is important to generate XBRL before starting a review if there have been significant changes either to your document or your XBRL.

IMPORTANT: You cannot make changes to XBRL in a document while generating XBRL.

To generate XBRL:

Open the document and Show XBRL.
Select an XBRL profile if one is not already selected.
Click Generate XBRL from the XBRL toolbar. Generate XBRL
Review generated XBRL revisions in XBRL Generation History. The XBRL Generation History panel lists the generated revisions. XBRL Generation History

Opening XBRL Reports and Validation

To see reports and validation messages for a generation:

  • Reports: Click the revision to expand and see available reports.

  • Validation messages: Click the drop-down for the revision and select Show Validation Results. Validation Results open on the left.

Labeling for Milestones

Add labels to a revision to help track milestones for your document. For example, you might label your document when it is in tech review, when you are done with tie-outs, or after you roll forward the dates.

To add labels to a generated revision:

Select a revision from XBRL Generation History.
Use Add labels to select existing labels to use or click Create label to create a new one.
Remove a label by clicking Add or remove labels and unchecking the box next to the label you want to remove. XBRL Generation Labels