Resolving Disconnected XBRL

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About Disconnected XBRL

When cutting and pasting links or text, XBRL might be accidentally disconnected from that content. However, you can easily reconnect the disconnected XBRL or delete it if you no longer need it.

Resolving Disconnected XBRL

When XBRL data becomes disconnected, you can either reconnect the XBRL to a new fact or delete it.

To resolve disconnected XBRL:

  1. Go to the Disconnected XBRL panel on the left. The list of disconnected data updates automatically each time you open the panel.

  2. Either reconnect or delete the disconnected XBRL:

    • To reconnect the fact: Select a cell, text, or existing fact in the document and click the Reconnect icon next to the disconnected XBRL you want to reconnect. This acts like a cut and paste, where disconnecting the XBRL is like cutting the XBRL from the link and reconnecting it pastes it to the selected location.

    • To delete the fact: Click the trash icon. This permanently deletes this XBRL and cannot be undone.

  3. Click the Refresh icon to update the list of disconnected XBRL and clear the disconnected XBRL that you resolved.

Disconnected XBRL