Using the Calculation Report

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The calculation report provides information about all defined XBRL calculation relationships in the document. This report is part of each XBRL generation.

Viewing the Calculation Report

Generate XBRL if you haven’t already.
From an XBRL generation, click the download icon next to Calculation Report. Open the calculation report
Double-click the downloaded file, which opens the the calculation report in a separate browser tab.

NOTE: If the file does not open, you might have a popup blocker enabled. Allow Wdesk popups, then try opening the report again.

Calculation Report Basics

The calculation report follows the same structure as the document’s XBRL outline.

Calculation report legend

Here are the what the report colors mean:

Color of Total Result Meaning
Green Valid The reported XBRL fact value is correct and complete because it is consistent with the sum of the contributing concepts.
Orange (warning) Invalid inconsistency or valid inconsistency Invalid inconsistency happens when one or more of the contributors is missing from the calculation. When one or more contributors is missing, it can be an invalid or a valid inconsistency. Invalid inconsistencies can be resolved by updating the XBRL. Valid inconsistencies cannot be resolved due to limitations around XBRL.

Valid inconsistency happens when the total’s XBRL fact value is inconsistent with its calculated value. Possible causes for this inconsistency are a value for a contributor is missing, inconsistent dates are applied, or it has inconsistent members. Verify that all facts that should be included in the calculation are tagged appropriately.

Fact values that should have an axis and member applied will be excluded from the calculation of the total concept. This is a limitation of XBRL, and does not indicate that the relationship between the concepts being calculated is invalid. If the relationships between the concepts is intentional, this is a valid inconsistency and can be “verified as correct.”
Inconsistency All contributors are present, but there is a calculation inconsistency.

Check for the following:
  • Duplicate facts that result in the wrong value.
  • Extra contributors that should have been removed from the calculation.
  • Same relationships defined in another location with additional contributors. If so, remove the smaller calculation.
  • Two or more calculations that are similar, but do not have all of the same contributors. Define both relationships separately.
  • Additional notes might appear at the bottom of a particular statement. Informational notes show a blue background, in some cases providing information to help explain an indeterminate result.

    Additional error information appears in red. This information indicates that a set of calculation assertions was excluded from the report because of other validation errors with those XBRL facts.

    Saving the Calculation Report

    The calculation report is downloaded as an HTML file, which you can save or share with others. Use your browser’s Save option to save and rename the file where it is easy for you or others to access it.