XBRL Outline Drag, Drop and Tag

Wdesk provides features to make working with your XBRL Outline easier, including built-in, real-time validation; drag-and-drop functionality; and a drag-and-tag option.

Drag and Move in the XBRL Outline

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to move items in your XBRL Outline using predictive validation that will prevent you from incorrectly building your outline. Wdesk looks for valid snap points and gives you real-time feedback in the form of visual indicators accepting or rejecting your chosen placement.

Click and drag an item or items to a new location. IMPORTANT: Use caution when releasing your mouse to ensure the elements are placed in the intended spot in the outline.

If the new location meets the validation criteria, you will see a solid green real-time connector line indicating that the action is accepted and the item being moved, along with any nested children, will display in italics until it is dropped in its new location. image alt text

If the new location does not meet the validation criteria, you will see a red circle with an X and the application will not allow the action to complete.

image alt text

Drag and Copy in the XBRL Outline

To copy multiple items to another location in the XBRL Outline, hold the CTRL key while selecting either single or multiple items. Drag them to the new location and, if the validation criteria is accepted, drop the items to their new location.

If the new location will cause validation errors, you will receive a pop-up notification alerting you that the operation can not be completed.

Drag and Tag from the XBRL Outline

To drag and tag in detail tagging mode, navigate to the item in the XBRL Outline then click and drag and drop it on the Line Item Concepts section of the Detail Tagging window. The real-time validation rules will check to be sure the tag is valid. If it is, you will see a green circle with a plus indicating you can complete the operation.

image alt text