XBRL Labels - Edit and Resolve Conflicts

Editing a Preferred Label

In the XBRL outline, right-click the concept label you want to edit and choose Change Label. The XBRL Label Editor dialog box will appear, and all subsections where the concept is located will be displayed.

If the XBRL label needs to change, there are two ways to perform the edit:

  • Type directly into the label text field.

  • Select the drop-down arrow next to the label you want to change and then select the appropriate label.

    image alt text

If you open the XBRL Label Editor dialog box and a blue or green icon appears below the label text field, this indicates that the Label Reference feature is being utilized.

Label Role Types

Wdesk supports the following label role types:

  • Terse - The default label role in Wdesk. Choose verbose for preferred labels that tend to be updated frequently when conflicts occur. Terse and verbose labels are very similar to each other and are the most common label roles that would be used for XBRL purposes. Other label roles used in XBRL generally have some impact to the nature of the disclosure and/or rendering (e.g "Total", "Negated", etc...).

  • Negated - These roles are used to render a fact value the opposite of how the value is presented in the XBRL instance documents (XBRL Fact Value). Using a negated label role does not impact the value that is included in the instance document, and is only used for rendering purposes. In Wdesk, when you reverse a source value, the application automatically changes the label role to a negated label role as generally these processes are done in parallel with each other. Un-negating might be necessary in some situations.

  • Total - These roles should only be used when the concept is the target of a calculation relationship, or total. Total label roles can be used as the preferred label even if the calculation relationship is not defined in that respective detail section (the same or duplicate calculation relationship is defined in another detail section or face statement.)

  • Period Start and Period End - These label roles are used to render roll forward presentations. XBRL fact values that are both an ending balance of one period and the beginning balance of another period will be rendered twice under each applicable period. Valid conflict may occur where a line item concept is assigned both period start and period end label roles in the presentation outline, and an assertion is defined on the concept within the same outline section. The Informational message is deemed valid in this situation and should not be corrected.

Correcting Conflicting Label Roles

Once a label has been established and associated with a specific label role, that relationship needs to be consistently applied throughout the document. In the XBRL Label Editor dialog box below, if the label roles are in conflict, an error message appears in red for each label, indicating the conflict and suggesting how to resolve it.

image alt text

You can either change the label text to be identical for all uses of a particular label role, or select different label roles.

Using XBRL Document Check

The XBRL Document Check feature examines your XBRL filing and finds label and other conflicts automatically.

Select XBRL on the tabbed toolbar and click the drop-down arrow on the blue XBRL Validation button. Once selected, click on Document Check.

image alt text

The XBRL Label Editor dialog box will appear and list the conflicts that the document check finds. You can then correct the conflicts.