Label References 3 - Conflicts and Visual Cues

Resolving Label Reference Conflicts

The following two examples show the label reference icons that appear on XBRL outline items when there’s a conflict, and how to address the common causes.

Icon Meaning
This icon indicates a conflict. A concept can have a maximum of one source relationship.You can resolve this either of the following ways: Remove all but one of the source references for that concept and label role. To remove a label reference, right-click the item in the outline and select Remove Label Reference. In the XBRL Outline, right-click the item that shows the conflict, and choose Change Label. In the Label Editor, you can see where the conflict occurs. To resolve it, determine which source reference you want to keep, and then assign a different label role to the other uses of the concept.
This icon indicates that the table cell that was established as the source for a Label Reference has been deleted. You will need to remove the Label References or move the source to a different location in the document.

Label Reference Visual Indicators

The primary (source) reference is the one that appears with the blue icon, and labels that refer back to the source show a green icon. The following table shows these icons and other cues you see in Wdesk and the XBRL Outline to indicate particular aspects of Label References.

Icon Meaning
Appears on the source of the label relationships.
Appears on an item whose label references another source.
Appears on an item when there’s a conflict with the source.
Appears in the XBRL Outline next to a referenced item when the table cell containing the source text has been deleted from the document.
Appears on a source or reference when it is selected in the XBRL Outline, but a different section of the document is currently displayed in the document editing area.
Appears on a referenced XBRL Outline item when the document section that contains the source value of the label is displayed in the editing area.
Info tip appears when you hover over a label reference icon in the XBRL Outline.