Label References 2 - Create and Maintain References

Creating Label References

With a label reference source established, you can see additional places where an XBRL concept is used, and then update those labels to sync them with the source:

  1. In the XBRL Outline, find the concept that corresponds to the table cell that contains the source label. This is indicated by the blue label-reference icon.

  2. Right-click the item, and choose Change Label. The XBRL Label Editor appears, listing all of the sections in the outline of the XBRL concept.

    image alt text

    A. These two concepts that have been designated as the label sources appear with blue label-reference icons.

    B. If the same concept is used elsewhere in the document with the same label role, it will automatically show as a referenced concept, as indicated by the green label-reference icon.

  3. To create references on other instances of the concept, apply the same label role that is applied to the source.

  4. Repeat the previous step for any other labels, and then close the XBRL Label Editor.

Maintaining Label Reference Relationships

After you create label references, if you need to change the text at the source, you can keep the references in sync with each other in the following ways:

  • Update the label references in the XBRL outline.

  • Update the text in the table cells that correspond to referenced outline items.

Updating References in the Outline

If the table content for a source label reference is changed, other uses of the label-role combination will be updated automatically by running Document Check or Update Label References.

You can choose either of these approaches to update the references in the XBRL outline:

  • Update Label References: Use this operation to check only the referenced labels and sync the references to their updated sources. On the XBRL tab, click the Label Ref button, then select Update Labels. image alt text

  • XBRL Document Check: This performs additional document checks and returns all of the labels that are in conflict. You can select the correct label or label role for each to resolve conflicts.

Removing Label References

To remove a reference, right-click it in the outline and select Remove Label Reference.