Label References 1 - Overview, Create a Source

Establishing label references helps to follow the EDGAR Filing Manual requirement to match labels to corresponding line items in the document, and greatly reduces the possibility of manual errors and outdated labels after changes are made.

This article covers the initial steps of label references: enabling label references and creating the source relationship, disabling or updating label references, and utilizing source labels and label roles.

NOTE: Some XBRL outline functionality is not available when Label References is enabled. For example, you cannot enable XBRL Concept Details info tips that appear when you hover over outline items.

Enabling Label References

Label references enable you to synchronize the preferred label in the outline to the line item of a table in your document. Once the relationship is in place, the preferred labels will update when the source is edited.

  1. Open the desired document and turn on XBRL, and expand the appropriate section in the XBRL outline by right-clicking on the label and selecting Expand All - Section.

    image alt text

  2. On the XBRL tab, click the Label References button and select Enable Label References.

  3. Once Label References are enabled, drag the item from the XBRL outline and drop it onto its corresponding table item in the document. The table cell is highlighted when the mouse pointer is positioned correctly over it.

    image alt text

NOTE: You cannot drag a purely numerical value, so Label References will not work on values (including dates and years). Invalid symbols such as quotation marks will also be stripped from label names.

After you release the mouse button, an icon appears in the XBRL outline, and a connector line appears between the outline item and the table item.

In addition, if the table cell text and XBRL concept label did not previously match, the label in the outline is updated.

image alt text

Disabling or Updating Label References

You can easily enable and disable Label References as needed. To disable, click the Label References button on the XBRL tab, then select Disable Label References.

Source Labels and Label Roles

When you follow the steps to establish the source value of the label, that label also becomes the source for the selected label role. You can define a source label for each label role.

For example, you might want to use the label "Class A common stock" for the terse label role. You can still specify a different source label for the Verbose label role. When you create a reference to the source, you can select which label role to use in the document context, and its source label is automatically applied.

The article Label References 3 - Conflicts and Visual Cues discusses conflict resolution and provides information that you can use any time in the process.