Exporting and Importing XBRL Outline Subsections

Wdesk allows you to export a section from the XBRL Outline in one document and import the section into another document.

Exporting a Section

With the XBRL Outline displayed, click on the section in the XBRL Outline you want to export, and click the Export XBRL Taxonomy For Selected Outline Sections button.

image alt text

You will be asked to click OK to save the .zip file for the exported section. A window will appear asking you to choose a location to save the .zip file to. Choose a location and save your file there.

Importing a Section

Open the document you wish to import an XBRL Outline section into and turn on XBRL. On the XBRL tab, click the Advanced button, then select Import Taxonomy.

image alt text

The XBRL Taxonomy Importer window is displayed. Click the Upload button.

image alt text

You will be asked to browse to the .zip file containing the section you wish to import. Select the section, and the XBRL Taxonomy Importer begins to import it into your current document.

NOTE: The order of sections during exporting and importing is determined by the sort code of the section.