Deprecating Custom Units

Wdesk allows you to create custom units for XBRL tagging. There may be circumstances where you may want to deprecate custom units. To deprecate a custom unit is to designate it as no longer being used.

Using XBRL Fact Properties

With XBRL turned on, click on the gray X (Fact Properties)icon in the lower right-hand corner of the main window. The XBRL Fact Properties panel opens at the bottom of the editor.

In the Unit drop-down, select the unit you wish to deprecate. In this example, store is used. Click the blue circle.

image alt text

The XBRL Unit Information box will be displayed. Click the Edit button.

image alt text

Editing a Unit

You can now edit the custom unit information, or deprecate a unit entirely. Click the Deprecate (i.e. - should not be used) button.

image alt text

The unit is now deprecated. If you check it in the XBRL Fact Properties box, the Unit drop-down box will denote the deprecated unit with a (Dep) before the unit name.