Calculation Relationships

Calculation relationships are a validity check in XBRL based on the relationship defined between the total line item concept and the contributing line item concepts. Calculation relationships compare the computed value to the reported value. To build a calculation relationship, you first define the relationship and then accept it. Use the information in this article to build or edit a calculation relationship.

Defining a Relationship

These steps show you how to define an XBRL calculation relationship using Wdesk's detail tagging mode.

With XBRL enabled, select the cell that represents the calculation relationship total. This opens the XBRL Detail Tagging window.

image alt text

Select the Calculation Relationship tab in the XBRL Detail Tagging window.

image alt text

In the document, select the cells that are calculation relationship contributors. The following image shows a range of cells selected.

image alt text

A. In the formula bar, cell addresses identify the locations of the cells.

B. The XBRL calculation relationship on the bottom shows the relationships between the total line item concept and each of its contributors.

Accepting the Relationship

Click the green plus sign to accept the calculation relationship.

The calculation relationship is added to the XBRL outline below the presentation section.

image alt text

Removing a Relationship

To remove a calculation relationship, right-click on the cell containing the relationship, and select either Clear Contents or Delete.

TIP: It is a good best practice to double-check your outline after removing a relationship to verify it has been removed.