Taxonomy Analyzer

The Taxonomy Analyzer lets you browse, select, and bookmark taxonomy concepts. You can also see how other companies used those concepts, and, if appropriate, reuse the concepts as they did.

IMPORTANT: If you have pop-up blockers enabled on your internet browser, you will need to add to the list of allowed sites to use this feature.

Opening the Taxonomy Analyzer

Turn on XBRL and open your document. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer. The analyzer will open in a separate browser tab.

You can also open the Taxonomy Analyzer from Wdesk Home. Click your name in the lower left-hand corner and select XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer.

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Using the Taxonomy Browser

You can also use the Taxonomy Analyzer to browse for concepts.

Enter a taxonomy section name in the Filter Taxonomy Section search box. Here we are looking for "Statement of Income."

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A view of the concept in the hierarchical taxonomy tree is populated below. The taxonomy tree can be expanded or collapsed as desired. When the chosen section is displayed, you can navigate to the concept you want to use within that section.

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More information on a selected concept is displayed to the right. Concepts can be copied or bookmarked using the icons on the top right.

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Searching the Taxonomy

You can search for concepts you wish to use in the taxonomy analyzer.

You can select your taxonomy from the drop-down menu at the top. You can also choose Display Options including Deprecated Indicators (for deprecated concepts), New Indicators (for new concepts), and choosing whether to display concept Labels or Identifiers to help with your search.

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Click the Search icon and enter a concept name or keyword in the Search for a concept box. In this example, we'll search for "deferred tax liabilities, gross".

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You can click the filter button to see your results based on Type, Period, Data Type and Section as well as Deprecated, Extensions, and New.

Click a concept to look at details associated with that concept. The panel to the right shows additional information including Details, Presentations, Calculations, and References.

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Details covers the Properties and Additional Labels of the concept.

On the Presentations tab, you can see all the presentation groups that a particular concept is included in. Concepts can be included in multiple places in the taxonomy, and this shows how the concept can be organized with other elements.

Calculations shows how the concept can be organized into relationships where concepts are aggregated into totals.

Finally, the References tab indicates authoritative resources for more information on a concept.

Bookmarks in the Taxonomy Analyzer

Concepts can be bookmarked or copied from either the Browse Taxonomy panel or the Search Taxonomy panel. Choose the Bookmark this concept icon on the far right for one or more concepts.

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You can also bookmark concepts by clicking the icon next to a concept in the Browse or Search panes.

To see all of your chosen bookmarks, click the vertical bookmark icon on the far left. Basic information about the concepts are displayed in the Bookmarked Concepts panel.

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If you select a concept, you can get further details about the concept in the larger panel to the right.

Selecting and Applying a Concept

When you find the concept you want to use to tag the selected fact, click the Copy Concept button next to it in the Taxonomy Analyzer.

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In your Wdesk browser tab, you can now click Paste copied concept in the detail tagging window or Concept Search pane.

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NOTE: If you copy a concept from a taxonomy different than that of your document, the Taxonomy Analyzer will automatically migrate it to the current taxonomy. Some concepts may be removed or deprecated from an older taxonomy, please call your CSM if you need guidance.