Replacing XBRL Dates and Concepts

In situations when you realize that you need to tag a fact with a different Concept or Date, you can use the Replace function instead of having to remove the existing Concept or Date and adding a new one.

The Replace feature replaces the underlying concept but not the preferred label.

Replacing XBRL Dates

Replacing a Date for an XBRL fact updates all of the linked uses of that particular fact. Make sure the document is open and XBRL is turned on.

  1. In the document, select the fact, and in the XBRL Detail Tagging window, under Dates/Date Ranges, hover over the Date.

  2. Click the down arrow that appears on the right side, and then on the menu that appears, select Replace.

    image alt text

  3. This opens the XBRL Dates dialog box. This dialog box contains filters at the top, for Fiscal or Other dates, which you can use to narrow the scope of dates that appear in the list. On the Other view the In Doc (In Document)** filter is applied by default.

    image alt text

  4. Select the new date and click Apply. If the date you want doesn’t appear, click the In Doc button to clear it, and any other filters, to make sure the date has not been created yet.

Replacing XBRL Concepts

If you see that a concept you chose earlier isn’t as accurate as one that you find later in the process, replacing a concept saves the extra steps of removing it and re-adding the new one.

  1. Select the fact that is tagged with the concept you want to replace, and in the Detail Tagging window, hover over the existing Line Item Concept.

  2. Click the down arrow that appears on the right side, and on the menu that appears, click Replace.

    image alt text

  3. Use the XBRL Concept Search dialog box to find the concept with which you want to replace the existing one.

    • Type a keyword or phrase in the search box, and then click Search.

    • If you prefer, you can use the Taxonomy Analyzer to find a concept. You can also select the Outline Tree or Taxonomy Tree radio buttons, and then browse by your XBRL Outline Tree or your selected reference Taxonomy Tree.

    • When you find the right concept, click the green Accept button.

    image alt text

  4. The XBRL Detail Tagging window will update to show the new concept, and a confirmation appears in the lower-left of your Wdesk window.