Editing XBRL Extensions

Wdesk gives you the ability to update all XBRL extension elements until you freeze a document with the corresponding XBRL extension.

To edit an XBRL extension, turn on XBRL, identify the extension that you would like to edit, and use the XBRL Locate Reports feature to determine where that item is located in the XBRL outline and document. Read more on the XBRL Locate Reports feature. All extensions can be edited from the XBRL Outline, however not all extensions have Document Locations (i.e. abstract elements or tags removed from a document that remain in an outline).

Editing Extensions in the XBRL Outline

Within your XBRL Outline, first right-click on the selected extension item and select Show Concept Details.

image alt text

The XBRL Concept Detail window is displayed. Click the Edit button.

The XBRL Concept Detail window can now be edited:

image alt text

Within this window you can update the the following items:

  • Documentation

  • Standard Label (updates "Element Name" and "Element ID")

  • Type

  • Period Type

  • Balance Type

Click Save to apply your changes when you are finished updating the corresponding items within your extension.

Editing Extensions Within a Document

To edit an extension within your document, first click the link(s) associated with the extension element to bring up the XBRL Detail Tagging window. Click on the link for the extension element identified by the lighting bolt icon.

image alt text

This brings up the XBRL Concept Detail window. Select the Edit button to edit the attributes of the extension element.