Editing Text Block Facts

Modifying Existing Text Blocks

To modify an existing text block fact, use one of the following options from the Actions drop-down, or the Move button.

image alt text

On the Actions menu, click Add Axis to initiate dimensional tagging on the text block. Text blocks for which you want to add a dimensional tag need to be in the outline as part of a [Table] structure.

Refreshing the XBRL Outline

  • Click Add / Re-Add To XBRL Outline to force a refresh of the XBRL outline to include the concept used to tag the text block.

  • Click Delete to delete the text block tag, or click Move to adjust the start or end point of the text block selection in the document. A small blue selection handle appears on the text block.

  • Drag the handle to adjust the start or end point, and then in the Move XBRL Text Block Tag dialog box, click Finish.

    image alt text