Detail Tagging From Scratch

This video series provides a high level overview of how to apply XBRL to a new disclosure from start to finish.

Reviewing Your Disclosure Taxonomy

The first step when tagging a new note is to read and understand the note. Then you'll want to review the disclosure taxonomy. To do this, you’ll use the Taxonomy Analyzer. This video shows how to use the Taxonomy Analyzer to access information about each tag, and to see the taxonomy section to determine if a tag is appropriate for your purposes.

Tagging Level 1

This video demonstrates how to apply a Level 1 tag for an entire disclosure note. You’ll also learn to use the Create New XBRL Outline Section wizard for this process.

Tagging Level 2

Level 2 tagging is for accounting policies notes. Tag level 2 notes the same way you tag level 1, but select the appropriate policy concepts for these notes.

NOTE: Make sure to tag all policies throughout the notes to the financial statements. Level 2 Policy Text Blocks might reside outside of the Summary of Significant Accounting Policies.

Tagging Level 3

This video demonstrates Level 3 tagging for a disclosure note. Level 3 tags include tables and associated explanatory text.

Tagging Level 4

This video demonstrates how to tag a table from start to finish. This includes working in table-focus mode, searching for line items concepts, locating related tags in the presentation tree, applying dates, and adding an axis.

Setting XBRL Fact Properties

This video demonstrates how to set XBRL fact properties for a disclosure note. The Fact Properties panel is located at the bottom of the Wdesk editor. This video also covers determining whether calculation relationships are needed.

Reviewing the XBRL Outline

This video demonstrates how to review the XBRL outline for a disclosure note. The video covers using the XBRL Label Editor, removing unnecessary axes, adding a roll-forward abstract, adding period start and period end labels, using the highlighter tool, and activating label References for automatic label updates.

Section Validation

This video demonstrates how to do a section validation for a disclosure note. You’ll start the process using the Validate icon in the XBRL toolbar, and then examine the results in the left-hand Notifications panel. Running Section Validation each time you do new tagging in a section allows you to catch errors at the section level rather than potentially having numerous errors when you do a project level validation at the end. Finally, you will need to share your XBRL to preserve all the changes and updates.