Commitments and Contingencies

The balance sheet almost always includes a place for commitments and contingencies. Often this is shown on the balance sheet without any value at all. This empty value can and should be reported in your XBRL filing.

Tagging Empty Fact Values

Handling an empty fact value requires special attention. Generally, the value for an empty fact is not $0. Rather, it is a fact with no value at all. Refer to section 6.6.15 of the EDGAR Filer Manual for more on how to report a value that is not zero.

To tag empty facts:

  1. Enter a numeric value into the tagged cell. This value is temporary and entering it gives you access to the XBRL Fact Properties panel. The panel is blank unless there is a value in the cell.

  2. On the balance sheet, tag the cell with the appropriate CommitmentsAndContingencies tag.

  3. In the XBRL Fact Properties panel, for Include Fact if Nil, select Yes.

    image alt text

Using the Fact Properties Panel

Accept your changes by clicking the green check mark in the upper-right area of the XBRL Fact Properties panel. The cell is now fully tagged. Remove the temporary value from the cell and save your XBRL changes. This will also trigger a document share.

After you complete these steps, the cell’s value is considered to be nil. Consequently, the generated XBRL will include this fact as a nil fact.