XBRL Review Display

XBRL Review Display allows you to review a number of different XBRL parameters for a table or text in a document section.

Choosing the Parameter to Review

XBRL Review Display is on by default. To turn off XBRL Review Display, go to the XBRL tab and click the Review Display drop-down menu. You can also select the appropriate review criteria from the drop-down menu.

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Color Highlighting Feature

Once XBRL Review Display has been enabled, cells containing XBRL concepts will be highlighted in one of three colors:

  • Green if the XBRL fact is complete and contains no errors or warnings

  • Yellow if the fact contains a warning

  • Red if it contains an error

This is also indicated by the colored triangle in the bottom-left corner of the cell.

Displaying XBRL Fact Properties

The Review Display menu lets you select which property of the XBRL fact will be shown. This menu has eight different options:

Accuracy - Displays the decimal accuracy for the XBRL fact.

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Balance - Indicates whether the fact has a Balance Type of Debit or Credit or no balance type, shown as (D) or (C) or (-).

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Date/Date Range - Shows the Date/Date Range ID applied to the concept using the naming conventions determined in the XBRL Dates/Date Ranges menu.

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Reversed - Indicates whether the XBRL fact has had its source value sign reversed. Cells in which the fact has not been reversed will appear blank.

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Balance & Reversed - Displays the Balance Type of the concept and whether the source value sign of the fact has been reversed or not.

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Period Type - Shows whether the applied concept requires a Duration date or an Instant date.

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Unit - Gives the unit applied to the XBRL fact.

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Value - Shows the value of the XBRL fact. Number rounding and scaling is taken into account.

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When you are in XBRL Review Display and hover your cursor over a value with XBRL data, the color in the cell or surrounding the text will be highlighted, as well as any other value that uses the same property. For example, if the Review Display menu is set to Balance and you move your cursor over a Debit balance, then every other Debit balance in the table and text will be highlighted. If a value is too long, it will become truncated, but hovering over it will display a tooltip with the full information.

To turn off XBRL Review Display, select the Off option.