XBRL Locate Reports

The Locate function finds the locations of concepts, audit notes, dates, or units in the document. The results are compiled in the notification panel and can be copied to the clipboard. The Locate feature will also indicate where the concept is located in the XBRL outline.

Searching Your Document

Open the document and make sure XBRL is turned on. On the XBRL tab, click Locate, and then click the menu item for the item you want to search:

  • Concepts

  • Concepts With Audit Notes

  • Dates

  • Units

When the process is complete, the results are returned in the Notifications panel. The following image shows results from finding XBRL units.

image alt text

When you have the results in the Notifications panel, you can apply filters or search to narrow the scope of the results. You can also copy the results to the clipboard to paste into another document, or display a tree view of the outline sections in which a result appears.

Filtering Your Results

To filter the results, click the filter icon located in the top right corner of each column. Then select the checkbox for the items you want to view or enter a term in the search box. To sort results by the data in that column, click Ascending or Descending.

The filter in the following image is set to show only the search results in which the date contains D2013.

image alt text

You can set filters on multiple columns. The filter icon shows a green background on columns that are filtered. Click Reset Filters to clear them and to display all of the results.

In the left-most column of checkboxes, you can filter by items that are selected or not selected. If you click a checkbox, it hides that row and sets the filter to display unselected items.

Displaying Your Results

In the Notifications table showing the results, select the result that you want to find in the document in the Locations column and click the link. The Location Finder opens in the left-hand panel, showing a tree view of the outline sections that contain the result, with the number of occurrences next to each item.

image alt text

Expand the tree to display the outline section in the document and then click the link to locate the element in the document.

Creating XBRL Locate Reports

To export the reports from the notifications panel, you can copy the results to the clipboard and paste the results into a spreadsheet program

In the Notifications panel, with the XBRL Locate results showing, filter the results so that they show only the ones you want to store in a spreadsheet. Click the Copy Results to Clipboard button. Open your spreadsheet (or other) program, and then paste the results from the clipboard into the spreadsheet or document.

After you’re done with the information you collected through the Locate tool, you can clear the results. In the Notifications panel, click the Clear These Results button in the top left of the table.

image alt text