Wdesk XBRL Viewer

The Wdesk XBRL Viewer allows you to do an in-depth review of your XBRL filing. The filing is presented in an HTML layout and you can easily navigate through your document sections. XBRL details can be displayed and reviewed right within the document, or can be exported for review. To see the most current version of your document in the viewer, generate XBRL and access the viewer through your latest revision of the document.

The ability to see where each fact is presented in the Viewer greatly simplifies the tick-and-tie process. This report also serves as basis for the Wdesk XBRL blackline feature.

Accessing the Wdesk XBRL Viewer

To access the Wdesk XBRL Viewer, you must first generate XBRL for your project. You can access the Wdesk XBRL Viewer two ways.

On the XBRL Tab:

  1. Navigate to the XBRL tab of the right-hand Projects panel.

  2. Click the upper left-hand arrow of your revision to display report options and select Wdesk XBRL Viewer. This will display your document in the viewer.

    image alt text

On the XBRL Outline:

  1. Select a section in the XBRL Outline. To view multiple sections, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on the sections you wish to view.

  2. Right-click and select Show in Wdesk XBRL Viewer.

    image alt text

To view the entire document, click on the first section in your XBRL outline, then scroll to the bottom of the outline and press the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select the last section. This will highlight the entire outline.

Right-click and select Show in Wdesk XBRL Viewer.

Reviewing Facts in the Wdesk XBRL Viewer

The Wdesk XBRL Viewer highlights your XBRL facts right within the presentation of your document. By using the display filters in the upper left, you can control the details you see for each fact. The Wdesk XBRL Viewer highlights potentially untagged values in the document using the purple color in the legend. Potentially untagged facts should be investigated to determine whether tagging is necessary by returning to the Editor tab and navigating to the document section noted in this report.

image alt text

Viewing the Details of Your Filing

image alt text

The bottom portion of the report provides a list of all the facts, concepts, concept documentation, and other details regarding the facts in your XBRL filing. All of this data can be downloaded into Excel by clicking Download Section XLSX.

The Wdesk XBRL Viewer allows you to choose which facts get highlighted based on your selection of XBRL outline sections. For every XBRL fact in a selected document section, the To Highlight - XBRL Outline list shows all XBRL outline sections (in multiple document outline sections) in which those facts are used, and the total number of facts. This is useful because it predicts where a fact will be presented in viewing applications in order to identify differences and confirm accuracy. This process is known as tick and tie.

Viewing Additional Reports

image alt text

Included with the Wdesk XBRL Viewer are a full Excel version of the summary tables, a listing of all XBRL validation messages, and a Taxonomy Analysis. The Taxonomy Analysis shows which portions of the document are contributing facts to the XBRL outline sections. If you want more detail, you can click on a link and the report will take you to that section and automatically highlight the contributing facts.