View a Calculation Report to Detect Errors

The calculation report consolidates all defined XBRL calculation relationships from the project into one report. This project-level view of calculations makes errors easy to see and investigate. This article describes how to view the calculation report and interpret its results.

Viewing the Calculation Report

  1. With your project open in Wdesk, display the Projects panel on the right, and then click the XBRL sub-tab. You’ll see the Generate XBRL button with a list of revisions of your XBRL generation results. If you have not yet generated XBRL for your project, first do so. Then complete the steps in this article.

  2. On the revision for which you want to view calculation relationships and any errors, click Calculation Report. This opens the report in a separate browser tab.

    image alt text

NOTE: Depending on your browser and its settings, a message might appear, indicating that the browser blocked a popup. If this happens, allow popups for Wdesk, and then repeat the step to view the report.

Interpreting the Calculation Report

The calculation report organizes calculations by the XBRL outline sections in which relationships are defined. This gives you an at-a-glance format in which to spot errors.

In a calculation relationship, contributors add up to totals, and all together they are participants in the relationship. The results in the calculation report can fall into any of the following four categories:

Background color of total Type of result Meaning
Green Determinant consistency With respect to the defined relationship, the reported XBRL fact value is consistent with the sum of the contributing concepts.
Yellow (warning) Indeterminant consistency OR Indeterminate inconsistency Indicates that further investigation is required. Usually caused by missing contributors. In an indeterminant consistency, the total’s XBRL fact value is consistent with its calculated value, but a value for a contributor is missing. An indeterminate inconsistency is caused by the total’s XBRL fact value being inconsistent with its calculated value, because it fails to report fact values for one or more contributors. Missing contributors from a calculation is often due to having Axis/Members on the missing contributors. Contributors that are in a different context (Axis/Members) will not be added to the calculation.
Red (error) Determinate inconsistency All contributors are present, and yet there is a calculation inconsistency. Correction usually required.

Additional notes might appear at the bottom of a particular statement. Informational notes show a blue background, in some cases providing information to help explain an indeterminate result.

Additional error information appears in red, commonly to indicate that a set of calculation assertions was excluded from the report because of other validation errors with those XBRL facts.

Navigating in the Report

From the top of the report, you can view a list of the XBRL outline sections included in the report and navigate to a section. The list also indicates how many calculations occur in each section and in each result category.

image alt text

A. The list of XBRL sections included in the report—click a section to navigate to that location in the report.

B. This section has four totals that need to be investigated.

Navigating from the Report to Your Document

To view a particular report value in the document, do the following:

  1. In the calculation report, click the value. A Navigating... message appears at the top of the window.

    image alt text

  2. Click the browser tab that contains the document open in Wdesk. The corresponding cell is selected in Wdesk.

Saving the Report

You can save the report to an HTML file if you want to view the report offline, save a copy for archive purposes, or send it to a colleague. Click the button at the upper-left area of the report, next to the Sections drop-down menu. Specify the filename and location, and then save the file.

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