Verify As Correct

The Verify As Correct feature allows you to mark warnings and notifications as correct once you have reviewed them. This streamlines your validation and review process. This commonly occurs for inconsistencies that are OK, such as negative numbers or calculation inconsistencies. Verify As Correct does not apply to error notifications, and not all warnings can be marked Verify As Correct.

The Verify as Correct feature will not affect your filing or what will appear on the SEC site. This is an internal review feature in Wdesk only.

Reviewing Warnings and Notifications

To use this feature, go to the left-hand XBRL Project Validation panel and select a message.

image alt text

Expand the warning by clicking on the icon or the arrow to the right of the message.

Adding the Verification Checkmark

Now click the arrow below the warning icon and select Verify as correct.

image alt text

A green circle with a checkmark will appear in place of the warning icon.

image alt text

Once you have marked the item as correct, you will not need to revisit it again unless the fact changes. This mark will persist across future XBRL generations.

If needed, you can unmark an item by clicking on the Verify icon and then selecting Unverify.

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If anything changes with a fact that has been verified as correct, such as a numeric amount or date, the status will revert to a warning or notification icon, and the item must be verified again.

If you want to see all of the items that have been verified as correct, click the filter in the upper right-hand corner of the panel, select Verified as Correct, and then Done.

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