XBRL Override Outline Locks

Wdesk provides the ability to override XBRL outline locks when the section editor is unavailable to release the lock. This allows XBRL owners to make changes to the outline section as needed.

Removing XBRL Outline Locks

Use this feature only when necessary. Overriding another user’s XBRL outline lock turns off XBRL in their Wdesk session, and discards their changes. These changes can not be recovered.

In the XBRL Outline, hover over the lock icon on the section you want to edit. This displays an info tip indicating who is editing this section.

image alt text

  1. On the XBRL tab, click the Advanced button, then select Lock Manager.

  2. The XBRL Lock Manager dialog box shows you who has locked sections.

    image alt text

  3. Select the user indicated in the info tip, and then click Override and Release Locks.

Impact of Removing Locks

Wdesk makes the locked section available to you. It also alerts the user that their XBRL Outline Locks were overridden by a remote user and that XBRL has been turned off.

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Releasing the other user’s locked sections may take a few seconds. Before you close the XBRL Lock Manager dialog box, you can click Refresh Local XBRL Locks to confirm that the action is complete and the other user’s locks have been cleared.