XBRL Fiscal Calendar

The XBRL Fiscal Calendar assists in document development by providing accurate XBRL dates for chosen time periods. Filling out your Fiscal Calendar in Wdesk is an important part of rolling forward and quarterly reporting.

Filling Out Your Fiscal Calendar

Follow these steps to fill out your XBRL Fiscal Calendar:

With XBRL turned on, click the Advanced button on the XBRL tab, then select Show Fiscal Calendar. Fill out the quarterly end dates for each year by clicking on the calendar icon next to each date input field.

image alt text

When the fiscal calendar is filled out, select Close to exit (Fiscal Calendar data is auto-saved).

Recommended Years to Populate

It is recommended that the current year, two years in the future, and two years prior be filled out for all four quarters. If you are currently in Q4 2015, you should enter dates for Q1-Q4 for 2013-2017.

It is also recommended that the Q4 date for the year before the last full year filled out is also populated with a quarter end date.

EXAMPLE: If the earliest year filled out is Q1-Q4 2013, we recommend also filling out the Q4 2012 date to provide full year context for 2013.