Reviewing iXBRL

Generating iXBRL results in different validation messages due to differences in how iXBRL is processed. Review the following common iXBRL warnings and errors to understand why they happen and how to resolve them.

After generating iXBRL the first time, you will see new validation messages related to switching to iXBRL. We recommend reviewing all XBRL validation messages.

Open Validation Messages

  1. Open the project that contains your iXBRL document.

  2. Go to the XBRL tab and generate XBRL.

  3. Select the iXBRL revision you want to review and click Validation Results to open the Validation panel on the left.

Open validation messages

Review Warnings and Notifications

Go through the messages in the Validations panel on the left. Resolve errors and either resolve warnings or mark them as verified.

Common iXBRL Warnings and Errors

Here are some of the most common iXBRL validation messages, their causes, and how to resolve them.

  • Hidden fact warnings will likely occur within your document. The warning looks like this:

    "This fact is tagged in a hidden document section and is not visible in the SEC iXBRL viewer. This is a known issue that cannot currently be resolved in Wdesk. It will not prevent you from filing."

  • This warning cannot be resolved at this time. It is the result of a Wdesk limitation that the SEC is aware of. Filings with this warning will be accepted by the SEC and do not impact the validity or usefulness of the XBRL data. You can continue with a filing that includes this warning.

  • Duplicate fact errors (fact precision) can happen when you have facts sharing the same link and tagging information, but formatted differently from one another.

    NOTE: This can also cause different fact counts between the iXBRL generation in Wdesk and both the fact count in the SEC Inline Viewer and the fact count from traditional XBRL generations.

    To fix this, make sure each fact retains their individual accuracy and has their own direct links in iXBRL, which may require using chain links.

  • Continuation errors can happen when the same text block concept is applied to overlapping content or when certain text block and table footnotes are applied to facts in non-printing sections.

  • Linking warnings or errors can happen when:

    • XBRL links do not use the most specific Wdesk link formatting (such as dates, interest rates, percentages, basis points or durations) that are typed in as text. To fix this, make sure to use the most specific Wdesk link formatting. XBRL links are set to "automatic" or "text" link formatting in Wdesk under most numerical circumstances. To fix this, click the fact and select the appropriate link formatting.
    • Certain non-monetary fact links do not include fact-specific language (“ten years” instead of “ten” years). To fix this, update the fact language to include the number and the unit, not just the number.

Methods for Reviewing

The following articles explain how to use other review tools to make sure your iXBRL document is accurate. You can also download the All Facts Report and Taxonomy Report from the revision in the Projects Panel.

What's Next