Previewing iXBRL with the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer

After you generate iXBRL, you can preview the document in the SEC Inline Viewer to see how the filling will look on the SEC website.

NOTE: The iXBRL fact counts may be different between the iXBRL previewer (based on the SEC inline XBRL viewer) and the Wdesk iXBRL generation fact count. This is expected. It happens because the SEC inline XBRL viewer does not merge identical facts like the Wdesk iXBRL generation does.

Open the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer

To preview the iXBRL document:

  1. Go to the XBRL tab in the Project panel and select SEC XBRL Viewer for the most current iXBRL revision.

  2. Click the first item in the document outline navigation on the left of the viewer (sometimes named for the form type, such as 10-Q). This opens the document in the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer.

    Open your iXBRL document in the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer


  • When viewing an iXBRL filing in the SEC XBRL Viewer (not the inline viewer), the L1 - L3 (Text Blocks) range formatting might not match your document.

  • You do not need to take any action if you see the following message at the top of the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer when selecting a document section from the left panel:

    "Data tagged for [Section Name] not in expected location.”

    This message is not an error or warning of any sort and does not indicate any problems with the document's XBRL tagging. It appears when the first fact in the selected XBRL section is also a part of another XBRL section. This allows the SEC to notify the viewer that the fact might not be in the right location in the document when compared to the XBRL presentation data.

Use the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer

Use the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer tools to review your document.

Using the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer:

  • Click an inline fact to see its XBRL details.

    TIP: Click the Copy All icon in the upper right of the Attributes box to see all fact details in one glance.

    Click a fact to see its details

  • Use the tools across the top to view additional details about your document:

    Inline Viewer tools to review your document

    • More Filters > Periods shows a list of dates in your document. Select one or more dates to see where they are in the document.

    • Sections show a list of the document sections that have tagged facts.

    • Search allows you to find specific facts within the document. For example, when you type income, the viewer looks for the sections that contain the word income and highlights related facts.

    • Facts in the upper right shows the number of facts in a document. Click it to see a list of facts. Select a fact to jump to a fact in the document. This count updates any time you search or use filters to find specific facts.

    Tools to review your document

  • Data filters narrow results to tags only for the select data type. For example, select Text Only to make the inline tags appear only for text facts.

  • Tags filter shows inline tags only for the selected option. Use this tool to quickly find extensions concepts.

View Phantom Facts

Any non-DEI iXBRL facts that are tagged as phantom facts in hidden sections do not appear in the document in the SEC iXBRL viewer.

To view the phantom facts:

  1. Go to the Data option in the SEC iXBRL Viewer menu.

  2. Select Additional Items Only. Phantom facts appear in the list on the right.

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