Generating iXBRL

Generating iXBRL for your filing creates a combined text and XBRL document. This step also validates iXBRL in the document so you can address issues before filing.

Remove Traditional XBRL Instance Document

If you have already generated traditional XBRL for the project that now has iXBRL enabled, generating iXBRL for the project does not remove the XBRL instance document. Attempting to test file iXBRL in a project that includes the traditional XBRL instance document causes a filing warning in Wdesk and will ultimately reject the filing.

To fix this issue, do one of the following, then generate iXBRL again:

  • Delete all files from the XBRL Filing Documents folder in the Documents tab of the Projects panel, then generate iXBRL for the project.

  • Remove the instance document from the package step of the filing checklist.

    Delete traditional XBRL instance file

Generate iXBRL

Generate iXBRL at any time to get an updated document for your filing.

To generate iXBRL for your documents:

  1. Share all XBRL and document changes.

  2. Open your project in Wdesk and go to the Project panel.

    Project panel

  3. You can generate iXBRL by doing one of the following:

    • From the XBRL tab click Generate and click Generate XBRLin the dialog box that appears.
    • From the XBRL toolbar, click Validate and select Generate XBRL.
    • From the Filing tab, click Start for Generate iXBRL Documents and click Generate XBRL in the dialog box that appears.
  4. View generation progress on the XBRL tab of the project.

When iXBRL is generated, you can review the generation summary and validation results from the XBRL panel. For more information about generating, see Filing Wizard - Generate XBRL Documents.

NOTES: The fact count may look different between XBRL and iXBRL versions of your filing. This is due to a difference in how iXBRL and XBRL count the same fact used in multiple locations within the document. It likely does not indicate a difference in facts between the two types of XBRL.

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