Enabling iXBRL

To get started, enable iXBRL for the project you will use to file. If the option is not available, you need to have iXBRL enabled for your account first.

Enable iXBRL for an Account

To enable this feature for your account, contact your CSM.

Enable iXBRL for a Project

Once iXBRL is enabled for your account, you can turn it on for your project. This enables iXBRL options in the Filing Wizard.

NOTE: If you know your document has more than 15,000 facts, please contact your CSM before using iXBRL.

  1. Open your project in Wdesk.

  2. In the Project Panel, open Project Properties.

    Open Project Properties

  3. In the Project Properties dialog box, click the Filing Settings tab and select File Using iXBRL.

    Select File Using iXBRL

The project updates and step 1 in the Filing Checklist changes to Generate iXBRL Documents.

What’s Next