About iXBRL in Wdesk

iXBRL in Wdesk Basics

The first thing to know about iXBRL in Wdesk is that the most important processes stay the same:

  • There is no change to how you tag. If you’ve been using Wdesk to tag facts for filing with the SEC, your tagging process is the same. You’ll continue to tag facts directly in your document.

    NOTE: If you know your document has more than 15,000 facts, please contact your CSM before using iXBRL.

  • You’ll also edit and review the document and iXBRL just like you do today.

And, there are some differences with iXBRL, which are covered in our iXBRL Help articles listed at the end of this article:

  • If DEI facts appear on the cover page, you now tag them on the cover page (form type, period end date and company name for example).

  • When tagging with iXBRL in a 10Q or 10K SEC filing, the Exhibit Index document section must have a statement about XBRL tags embedded in the filing.

  • There are some additional error messages when transitioning to iXBRL. You’ll see these the first time you generate iXBRL. After resolving them the first time, you likely will not see them again.

  • You do not file an XBRL instance document. Instead, your inline filing will contain 6 total files (5 of which are XBRL files). Wdesk will take care of this for you as part of the filing experience.

  • There will be a link to view your filing as one document with XBRL tags highlighted within it on the SEC website.

Displaying EDGAR HTML:

  • If you use a third party to display the EDGAR HTML on your website, we recommend checking with the third party provider and providing them with a test iXBRL output from Wdesk to make sure they support iXBRL files.

  • If the third party provider does not support the iXBRL file, you can either provide a PDF of the filed document or include a link to the SEC's iXBRL viewer instead of the EDGAR HTML.

Next Steps

Use the following articles to use iXBRL in Wdesk: