This article is for those who file with Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) in the UK. If you do not file with the HMRC, please see the appropriate XBRL articles for your country.

Using Detect to Refresh XBRL

Use the Detect feature when you’ve created a destination link in a filing document from an item that’s already tagged with XBRL and you want to apply the tagging through that link to all of the destination links.

It can also help when you’ve linked an item that has tagging information in the XBRL Detail Tagging window, but the link indicator (green triangle in the upper left corner of the cell) and green shading on the cell are missing.

Detect can refresh this information so it appears again. This article covers both scenarios.

Refreshing XBRL for Linked Text

First, click both the Share button for the document and the XBRL Share button to share all changes.

In this scenario, a text link does not display XBRL information.

In your document, find the fact that is not showing its XBRL tagging information. The example below shows the value is linked, but the fact is not shaded green and the concept and date are missing from the XBRL Detail Tagging dialogue box making it look like it’s not tagged.

image alt text

To fix this, go to the XBRL tab and click Detect.

image alt text

Wdesk detects the links and XBRL tagging information and applies it to the text. The text turns green to show it is successfully tagged. At the same time, Detect checks all other links in the active section and reapplies their XBRL.

image alt text

Refreshing XBRL for Linked Cells

In this scenario, a cell link does not display the link indicator or that it has an XBRL tagging information.

For example, there is a linked cell in your document with with XBRL tagging. When you look at the linked cell, the destination link indicator (green triangle) in the upper left corner of the cell is missing. Also, the cell is not shaded green to show the fact is tagged.

image alt text

To fix this, go to the XBRL tab and click Detect. It finds the source link and reconnects it to the destination link and the green triangle appears in the cell showing it is linked. It also re-applies the XBRL tagging information to the fact so the concept and date now appear in the XBRL Detail Tagging box.

image alt text