This article is for those who file with Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) in the UK. If you do not file with the HMRC, please see the appropriate XBRL articles for your country.

Editing XBRL Permissions for HMRC

Most Wdesk permissions are managed in the Admin component. To learn more, read the Managing Members and Groups article.

This article covers changing XBRL document permissions.

NOTE: You can only edit permission levels for documents that you are an owner of.

Open your document.

Click the XBRL tab and make sure XBRL is turned on.

Click the XBRL ​Document Settings (Properties and Permissions) button (green X from the XBRL Outline panel toolbar) to open document settings.

image alt text

On the Permissions tab, click Edit Permissions.

image alt text

Click Add Permission.

image alt text

From the Add Permission dialog box, select the Groups radio button and choose predefined groups or select the Users radio button and choose individual users.

After selecting which groups or users you want to give permission to, click Add Permission, then click Apply Changes.

image alt text