This article is for those who file with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

Using the XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer for CIPC

The Taxonomy Analyzer lets you browse and search the taxonomy, view details about concepts, and select and bookmark concepts.

IMPORTANT: If you have pop-up blockers enabled on your web browser, make sure to add to the list of allowed sites in order to use the Taxonomy Analyzer.

Opening the Taxonomy Analyzer

  1. Open the Taxonomy Analyzer. There are three ways to open it:

    • From Wdesk Home, click your name in the lower left corner and select XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer. The analyzer opens in a separate browser tab. image alt text

    • From the XBRL Concept Search box, click Taxonomy Analyzer - Click to open button to the left of the search field. image alt text

    • Navigate directly to

  2. Make sure you select the correct taxonomy from the drop-down menu at the top right of the window. If you skip this step, you may not be able to apply concepts to your document.

    image alt text

Browsing the Taxonomy

  1. Click the Browse Taxonomy icon in the left navigation to open the taxonomy browser. The hierarchical view of the taxonomy appears below the Filter field.

    image alt text

  2. Expand or collapse the taxonomy to see which concepts are in each section and subsection. Click a concept to select it and see additional information to help you decide if it’s the correct concept.

  3. Filter the taxonomy, if needed, by typing the exact name of the taxonomy section or concept in the Filter Taxonomy Section search box. The results automatically list only the sections that match your filter. The filter option only works when you know the name of the concept or section exactly as it appears in the taxonomy.

If no results appear, you may have typed an inaccurate name. Try your search as a keyword in the Search option instead.

Searching the Taxonomy

You can search for concepts when you have an idea of what you are looking for, but aren’t exactly sure where to find it.

  1. Click the Search icon. Type a concept name or keyword in the Search for a Concept box and press Enter.

  2. Use the filter when you need to select additional options to narrow down your results, such as Type, Period, Data Type, and Section.

    image alt text

Viewing Additional Concept Information

Click a concept to see additional information for it in the panel on the right.

image alt text

Additional information includes:

  • Details: Properties of the concept.

  • Presentations: Sections that a particular concept is in. Concepts can be included in multiple taxonomy sections, and this shows how the concept is organised with other elements.

  • References: Provides authoritative resources for more information on a concept.

  • Members: This lists additional information when a concept is dimensionalised.

Bookmarking Concepts

You can bookmark concepts that you use often or want to find quickly to store them in the Bookmarked Concepts view.

Click the Bookmark icon next to the concept title.

You’ll see the Bookmark icon in a few places — when hovering over the concept name in the browse or search results, within the outline in the Presentations tab, or next to the title at the top of the concept details panel.

image alt text

To see all of your bookmarks, click the Bookmarked Concepts icon in the left navigation panel.

image alt text

Selecting and Applying a Concept

  1. Click the Copy Concept icon next to the concept title. This icon appears the same places as the Bookmark icon.

    image alt text

  2. Go to your document in Wdesk and click the Paste from Analyzer icon on the right of the Search Line Items Concepts field. This pastes the copied concept and applies it to your fact. Now your fact is tagged with a concept and you need to complete it by adding a date.

    image alt text