This article is for those who file with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

Mandatory Facts

CIPC requires that your filing includes some specific facts. Some of these mandatory facts have a concept type that requires a different value format. This article shows you how to tag the mandatory facts that require a different format value.

Mandatory Facts List

For a current list of mandatory facts, visit the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission - XBRL Programme page and look for Taxonomy Mandatory Data Elements.

If you skip any of the mandatory facts, your document will have filing errors. If you have any questions about source formatting or presentation, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Tagging Concepts with Different Value Formats

You tag most facts the same way by adding a numeric or text value to the document or table cell, then applying a concept and date. However, there are a few concepts that require a different value format.

To make sure you have the correct value format in the document, always check the concept type when selecting or reviewing it.

To do this, look at the type of concept:

  • Before selecting the concept and reviewing the details in the XBRL Concept Search panel

  • By hovering over a concept that has already been selected

  • By clicking in the Details of a concept.

Guidelines for concepts that require a different value format:

  1. Boolean: Use only true or false as the value. Tag them only in non-printing sections.

  2. Registration number: Enter as four digits-slash-six digits-slash-two digits, such as 1234/123456/12.

  3. Customer code: Enter the same customer code you use to log in to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission - eServices website, such as ABC123 or ABC.

    image alt text

  4. String: Use for non-numeric items. However, if you must include a number, tag the numeric item in a non-printing section to properly capture its value and meaning.

  5. Enumeration: Tag only in non-printing sections. When selecting the concept, look at the Extensible Enumerations - Fact Values List in the concept’s details and make note of which value you need. Enter the value from the concept’s details and tag them only in non-printing sections.

    image alt text

  6. Integer item types: Update Fact Properties to use the correct reporting unit. For example, when tagging the average number of employees, the numeric XBRL unit should be “employee” instead of “number.”

    image alt text