This article is for those who file with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

Adding Footnotes

Here’s how to create a footnote, insert footnotes in a cell, and create a nil value.

Creating a Footnote

Footnotes normally provide additional information about a monetary value that you need to report to CIPC.

For example, we are reporting revenue in the document (required), but we put the footnote in the nonprinting section.

To create a footnote:

  1. Select all text you want to include in the footnote for reporting to CIPC.

  2. On the XBRL toolbar, click Footnote.

    image alt text

  3. In the footnote dialog box on the right, enter what the footnote represents and click Apply. This is information for your reporting team. CIPC will see only the text in the document that you tagged as the footnote.

    image alt text

  4. Share XBRL to finish.

Inserting a Footnote in a Cell

After creating a footnote in the nonprinting section, add it to the value in the document.

For example, we created a footnote for revenue in a nonprinting section. Now, we add that footnote to the revenue value table cell in the document.

To insert a footnote in a cell:

  1. Go to the table cell where you need to insert the footnote.

  2. Click the cell or select multiple cells within one table to add a footnote to all of them at once.

  3. Open Fact Properties in the bottom right, if they are not already open.

  4. Click Add / Remove Footnotes.

  5. Drag and drop the appropriate footnote from the Document Footnotes column to the XBRL Applied Footnotes column.

  6. Close the XBRL Footnotes dialog box and click the green checkmark in Fact Properties to finish.

  7. Share document and XBRL to finish.

    image alt text

When the footnote is applied, a 1 appears in the lower left corner of the cell. This number indicates the number of footnotes applied to this value.

image alt text

Creating a Nil Value Fact

With the exception of liabilities and revenue, you must report a mandatory monetary fact as nil if you are not reporting the value or if there is no way to calculate the value. Normally, you apply XBRL to linked cells or cells with values. When cells are empty, use nil values so you can apply XBRL.

To report a nil value:

  1. Create a table in a nonprinting section and enter the mandatory monetary fact information that you need to report.

  2. Enter a zero for each nil value.

  3. Tag each fact with the appropriate XBRL tag.

  4. Share document and XBRL changes.

    image alt text

  5. Insert footnotes, as applicable.

  6. Remove the zeros from the cell to make them nil and Share XBRL to finish.

The XBRL tagging and the associated footnotes remain.

image alt text