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Copying and Pasting Tags

You can copy tags from one fact and paste them onto another fact to quickly tag similar facts.

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When you paste, there are options to include line item concepts, dates, axes and members (dimensions), and fact properties. Uncheck anything you don’t want to include when pasting.

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When you copy tags, Wdesk detects where you are copying from, such as a table, and the valid paste scenarios for that data. When clicking the Paste XBRL button, the drop-down menu describes those scenarios.

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Copying Tags from Table to Table

Sometimes you have the same type of facts in many tables throughout a document, but some instances may have different dates. Use copy and paste to quickly and consistently tag the facts. When copying and pasting from one table to another, you can copy and paste from:

  • A single cell to another single cell (one-to-one)

  • A range to another range (many-to-many)

  • One cell’s data to other cells (one-to-many)

To copy and paste tags:

  1. Click the fact to open the XBRL Detail Tagging dialog box.

  2. Click the Copy XBRL button to copy the XBRL tag for that fact.

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  3. Click the fact where you want to paste the tag and click the Paste XBRL button in the XBRL Detail Tagging dialog box.

    IMPORTANT: Select the destination cell range carefully because you cannot undo this action. If you paste tags to the wrong location, you have to retag those values. You can paste again with the correct XBRL data, or discard your XBRL changes.

  4. Select the paste options. Clear the Dates / Date Ranges checkbox if you need to use a different date. The paste menu also describes the data that exists on the clipboard and the destinations where you are allowed to paste the data.

  5. Click Paste.

  6. Update the date, if necessary, and click Apply.

  7. Share your document and XBRL changes.

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Copying from Text Blocks and Links

When copying tags from text blocks or links, you can copy tags from only one text block or link at a time. When pasting, you can paste into one or more text blocks, links, or table cells at one time. You do not need to copy the same tag each time you want to paste it.

  1. From the XBRL Text Block dialog box, click the Actions menu and select Copy.

  2. Select the other text block.

  3. Click the Block Tag button on the XBRL toolbar.

  4. From the XBRL Text Block dialog box, click Actions and select Paste.

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Copying from Document to Document

When copying tags from one document to another, make sure both documents are using the same taxonomy and are in the same project.

  1. With the two documents open in Wdesk, turn on XBRL.

  2. Select the fact you want to copy and click Copy XBRL from the XBRL Detail Tagging dialog box (for a text block or link, click Actions to use copy).

  3. In the other document, select the fact you are pasting to.

  4. Click Paste XBRL in the XBRL Detail Tagging dialog box (for a text block or link, click Actions to use paste).

  5. Select the paste options for that tag and click Paste.