This article is for those who file with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

Verifying XBRL Validation Messages

The XBRL review includes generating XBRL to validate its technical accuracy. The Validation Results lists the following types of messages that you must review and validate:

  • Errors: Any XBRL that is not technically accurate is an error.

  • Warnings: Potential issues that might impact your document and filing. Warnings commonly occur for inconsistencies that are allowed, such as calculation warnings.

  • CIPC specific error messages: Messages created by CIPC that may prevent a successful test or live filing.

Reviewing Validation Messages

To view validation results:

  1. From the XBRL Revision panel on the right, click Validation Results.

    image alt text

  2. From the XBRL Project Validation panel on the left, click each message to see more details and the link to its location in the document.

    image alt text

    In general, you should use the following guidelines when reviewing and validating messages:

    • Errors: You must fix all errors before filing.

    • Warnings: Review these potential issues and make changes when necessary. After reviewing the messages, use the instructions in the next section to mark them as valid.

    • CIPC-specific messages: Review these CIPC-specific messages. Visit the CIPC XBRL Programme website for more information about these messages.

    If you have questions about these errors, please contact your CSM.

  3. Share all changes.

Verifying or Hiding Messages

When reviewing validation messages, you can mark them as Verified as correct or Hide them. Using either of these options does not affect your filing or change what appears in your report when it is filed. These are internal review options in Wdesk only.

To verify or hide a message:

  1. Click the arrow below the error icon and select one of the following:

    image alt text

    • Verify as correct: Use to mark a message as correct. When using this option, you do not need to review it again unless the fact changes. This mark remains for future XBRL generations. You can unmark an item by clicking the Verify icon and then selecting Unverify.

      NOTE: You cannot use Verify As Correct for errors — you must fix all error messages and CIPC-specific messages

    • Hide this message: Use when you find a message that does not require any changes.

      NOTE: The Hide this message feature will not affect your filing or what will appear once your report is filed. This is an internal review feature in Wdesk only. Click Show to unhide the messages. For hidden messages that you show again, you need to hide the messages again or mark them as correct.

  2. After verifying messages, make sure you Generate XBRL from the project again and clear any additional validation messages that appear.

If a verified fact changes, the status will revert to a warning or informational icon. You must verify the item again.

If you want to see all of the items that have been verified as correct, click the filter in the upper right-hand corner of the panel, select Verified as Correct, then click Done.

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