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Fixing Disconnected Data

What is Disconnected Data?

XBRL data is connected to your document through links. If those links are removed, the data becomes disconnected. Disconnected XBRL data appears at the top of the section, as the following image shows.

image alt text

How Disconnected Data Occurs

Data becomes disconnected when you cut and paste links or remove them while working on a document. When this happens, a warning appears letting you know you are about to disconnect data.

image alt text

When there is disconnected data, a Disconnected XBRL Message dialog box appears at the top of the page, not where the XBRL is broken.

After you click Yes to the warning message, turn XBRL off and on again to to show the XBRL Disconnected Data dialog box at the top of the page. You can use options in this dialog box to fix or permanently delete the disconnected data.

Handling Disconnected Data

When XBRL is disconnected, you can either copy the XBRL to a different fact or delete the XBRL data.

To copy disconnected XBRL data to a different fact:

  1. Click Copy XBRL from the Disconnected XBRL Data dialog box. image alt text

  2. Click the fact where you want to paste the XBRL.

  3. In the XBRL Detail Tagging dialog box, click Paste.

    image alt text

  4. If you don't need the disconnected XBRL data:

    • To delete one at a time: Click Delete on the Disconnected XBRL Data dialog box.
    • To delete all disconnected XBRL at once: Click the Advanced button on the XBRL toolbar and select Remove Disc. Data (Active Section).

    image alt text