This article is for those who file with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa.

Finding Concepts, Dates, and More

You can use Locate in Wdesk to find concepts, audit notes, dates, or units in a document. After you find items, you can then filter, search, and export the results.

Searching a Document

To search a document:

  1. Open your document and make sure XBRL is turned on.

  2. Go to the XBRL tab and click Locate.

  3. Select the item to search for.

  4. View results in the Notifications panel at the bottom of the window.

    image alt text

Filtering the Results

Use the column filters to search or narrow the results. You can set filters on multiple columns. Each column that is filtered has a blue filter icon.

In the Notifications panel:

  1. Click the filter icon in a column heading.

  2. Either select the items you want to view or enter a term in the search box.

  3. Use Ascending or Descending to further sort the results.

  4. When you are done searching for and selecting items, close the Filters dialog box to see the updated the filter results.

  5. To clear the filter, click Reset Filters.

    image alt text

Locating a Result

To go to the result in the document:

  1. Click the link in the Location column. A tree view of its location also appears in the Location Finder panel on the left.

  2. Expand the tree to display the outline section in the document and then click the link to go to the element in the document.

    image alt text

Exporting Locate Results

To export the reports from the Notifications panel:

  1. In the Notifications panel, filter the results so that they show only the ones you want to store in a spreadsheet.

  2. Click Copy Results to Clipboard.

  3. Open your spreadsheet (or other) program, then paste the results from the clipboard into the spreadsheet or document.

    image alt text

Clearing Locate Results

Each time you use Locate to find concepts, dates, or units, Wdesk saves the search results in the Notifications panel.

  • Click the drop-down menu to see past searches.

  • To get rid of past searches:

    1. Select a search.

    2. Click the Clear These Results icon.

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