Sharing Data between Workspaces

Basics of Sharing Data

To share data across workspaces, you can publish data sets in spreadsheets and then connect to them in another spreadsheet. You can use this to share data within a workspace or across different workspaces in the same organization.

This lets teams have separate workspaces and then share data between workspaces that need to use the same data for different reports. When you publish a data set, you set who in your organization can access the data set. Those with access can choose what spreadsheet to connect the data set to.

Creating a Data Set

A sheet owner can publish sheet data to users within the organization. To create a data set:

Create or open a spreadsheet.
Select the sheet you want to use as the data set.
Click the Data in the toolbar. Click Data
Click Data Set in the toolbar and then select Publish Data Set. Select Publish Data Set
Enter a Data Set Name, set who in your organization can access, and add a description. Enter Details
Click Publish to finish.

After you publish, others can connect to and then use that data set. When you publish a dataset, only the values are published, no formatting is brought over when publishing data set.

Connecting to a Data Set

You’ll only see the data sets available to you. To connect to a data set:

Open a spreadsheet and click Data.
Click Connect in the toolbar and then Sheet Data.
Select the data set to connect from the list.
Click Next to finish.

After you click next, the data from the connected sheet is added. You can then update formatting and use the data as needed.

Updating a Data Set

After a data set is published, any changes made to sheet data need to be republished so others can get updates. Only those with owner permissions can republish updates, but both editors and owners can receive updates.

Those connecting to a data set can control when to update data to manage how data is used in their spreadsheet.

What’s Next

To learn more about using connect sheets see: