Creating a Workspace

Create workspaces to collaborate with team members on data, documents, and processes. You can also create your own workspace to work on documents before you're ready to share them with your team.

Create a Workspace

To create a workspace:

  1. From Wdesk Home, select Create and then click Workspace.
  2. Enter a name for your workspace.
  3. Click Create Workspace.

Create a Workspace

When you create a workspace, you automatically become the workspace admin. To learn more, see Workspaces Settings.

Workspace Solutions

NOTE: To set a solution for a workspace, you need to be an organization admin.

By default, a workspace includes what you need for day to day collaboration. For additional functionality, organization admins can set a solution for a workspace, if it is available for your organization. Once a workspace solution is set, it can’t be changed. To learn more, see Workspace Settings.

What’s next

Now that you’ve created a workspace, here are a few things to help you along the way: