Creating a Workspace

Create workspaces to collaborate with team members on data, documents, and processes.

Create a Workspace

To create a workspace:

From Wdesk Home, select Create and then click Workspace. Create a Workspace
Enter a name for your workspace.
Click Create Workspace.

When you create a workspace, you automatically become the workspace admin. Also, you have the option to set a workspace color or solution.

To learn more, see Workspaces Settings.

Workspace Solutions

NOTE: To set a solution for a workspace, you need to be a workspace or organization admin.

By default, a workspace includes what you need for day to day collaboration. For additional functionality, workspace and organization admins can set a solution for a workspace, if it is available for your organization.

Please note, once a workspace solution is set, it can’t be changed. To learn more, see Workspace Settings.

What’s Next

Now that you’ve created a workspace, here are a few things to help you along the way: